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Top 5 Online Car Auction Sites

It does not matter at all what kind of car you want, whether it will be used or will sparkle with novelty as if it were just from the salon. Here you can find any option and at a very favorable price. In addition, you do not have to go around dozens and hundreds of parking lots with different transport equipment to find the same brand and model. You can enter your parameters in the search bar and find a dream car using the Internet.

But before you follow the links to the car shipping company, you should think about which of the auctions will be a win-win option and where it is better not to go because they will rip off to the last thread.

Best online car auction sites

 1) eBay Motors


  • It differs from eBay with other goods in functioning only because they sell cars there.
  • There is a unique search system with many clarifications and details about the product, ideally fitting you.


  • The company will not resolve issues with delivery and other essential trifles for you. We’ll have to figure it out on our own.

Many buyers say that this company is in the lead, as it quickly finds the most advantageous offer. And if you already have an eBay account, you do not have to follow an additional sequence of actions since you can immediately use eBay Motors and open an auction.

 2) Salvage Bid

This is one of the best auto auction sites for those who want to restore and repair a purchased car that is declared for recycling. Many drivers-owners of such vehicles may think it is easier to rent a car for a low price and get rid of the annoying thing. Although the vehicle is in excellent condition, you need to help it a little.


  • cheap cars


  • To participate in the live auction, you must purchase a premium membership right now. It is about two hundred dollars a year.

 3) Auto Auction Mall


  • Access like an auto dealer, allowing you to secure yourself a few thousand dollars off.


  • Commission of about $ 300 after purchasing the vehicle for the opportunity to participate in the online auction.

Compared to other auction websites for cars, Auto Auction Mall gives you the chance to bid on auctions that are excruciating for professional dealerships. This is an excellent opportunity to buy a funky vehicle at a wholesale price, not a retail price. In addition, to become a member of the club, you do not need to register on the site and pay extra, as is the case with the previous location.

However, do not forget that this service will require you to deposit about ten percent of the amount paid for the car. And if you win the auction, you will have to pay an additional $ 300 on top.

 4) Better Bid


  • ease of navigation and shopping.
  • a large number of cars without a rich background.


  • bank transfer is the only way to pay for your purchase.
  • additional commission for Florida residents (from $ 400 to $ 500 per membership card).

Such cars will be a blank slate, and only you will decide what to repair, fix, and not the rich history of the car. There are no marks about getting into an accident and defects in production. 

 5) Purple Wave


  • Free access to the auction
  • contribution of no more than ten percent of the purchase amount in case of victory.


  • poor navigation.
  • main assortment – tractors and trucks.

There is a vast selection, but it is challenging to find exactly the car of your dreams. Registration is free, and you have to pay almost nothing, except for a premium for the site in case of purchase.

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