CBD Oil And Sleep

CBD Oil And Sleep

An active substance containing in the cannabis plant known as cannabidiol or CBD is now widely used for different health benefits, including stress relief, reduction of anxiety, etc. Unlike tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), CBD won’t cause a «high» effect since it isn’t psychoactive at all. Additionally, there is a common belief that full-spectrum hemp oil can be helpful to people who suffer from insomnia and sleep deprivation. Keep reading to figure out how CBD oil and sleep are related, and what studies say about this.

How CBD works for sleep improving

Currently, there is a lack of appropriate studies that will explain why CBD can help us sleep. Nonetheless, a majority of researchers that were done in this sphere suggest that cannabidiol can deal with sleep deprivation due to the removal of the origin of insomnia. The root causes of poor sleep are typically related to medicines that disturb normal sleep routine, mental health disorders like depression or anxiety attacks, physical disorders, external factors like too much light or sound, a high dose of caffeine consumed, etc. Since CBD is good for stress relief, users refer to it for treatment of sleeplessness too.

Research on CBD and sleep

A study in 2014 showed up that CBD influences a human’s sleep cycle. Four participants with Parkinson’s disease admit that CBD helped them with symptoms of rem sleep behavior disorder that includes nightmares and sleep deprivation. Another study in 2017 suggested that CBD and rem sleep is a good combination for healing, apart from a possible treatment of overtime sleep in a day as well.

A 2018 review in Frontiers in Pharmacology studied how CBD can relieve pain that can be one of the root causes of insomnia. Authors of research mentioned that there are enough proofs to tell that cannabidiol treats pain, and as a result improves the sleep cycle.

Besides, several studies state about CBD oil for sleep and anxiety. Research performed in 2019 incorporated 72 participants to figure out whether cannabidiol can heal anxiety. 47 members were suffered from anxiety, while the other 25 lived through sleep deprivation. All the participants have to consume 25 mg of CBD every day, and after the first month of research, almost 80% of members admit a reduction of anxiety levels and 67% reported sleep improvement.

How to use CBD to improve sleep

Many experienced users utilize CBD oil for sleep and relaxation since active compounds containing in substance helps them to reduce chronic pain and herewith relax. However, don’t expect an immediate effect – a study published in 2019 confirmed that it takes about 30 days for participants to feel the effects.

When it comes to ways of CBD taking, you can vape it, consume oils or tinctures, administrate capsules as well as eat edibles. Yes, you may use CBD for stress and sleep, but keep in mind that there are a few possible side effects, like diarrhea and fatigue. You need to start with the low doses to avoid overdosing, and of course, check up on legislation of your state to make sure CBD is legal in your region.