Glass vs. Shatterproof Christmas Tree Ornaments

Glass vs. Shatterproof Christmas Tree Ornaments

A wonderful time for the first snow, fun, joyful songs from everywhere and flashing garlands. Soon, the whole family will sit down to dinner with turkey, fruitcake, and gingerbread, and at night Santa Claus will make his way through the chimney and leave gifts for the children under a huge evergreen coniferous plant. But wait, you seem to have forgotten something.

Yes exactly! After you and your family could buy a Christmas tree and then bring it home, you forgot about the decorations.

However, choosing a material for Christmas decorations is not so easy. After all, glass things look like a tribute to traditions, they shimmer, specially in the reflections of lanterns, but on the other hand, they are so fragile.

Many modern families are already used to buying shatterproof balls to decorate the Christmas tree with their little ones. This is a lot of uncertainty, but for now, we will fix that by quickly comparing shatterproof vs. glass ornaments so that you can go and buy what you need as soon as possible.

 A little about glass hanging ornaments

It must be that there were only glass decorations for the Christmas tree in your childhood, and now you are tempted to choose them from memory. In addition, they need to be handled much more carefully than with beautiful trinkets made of other materials, which gives the process the appearance of a kind of mystical, magical ceremony. And they look more expensive.

On the other hand, glass ornaments often cost more than any other decoration. Plus, it’s so easy to break them and hurt yourself and your loved ones. Moreover, such things are contraindicated for families with small children and pets in the house. Especially if you have a cat, it is absolutely not worth buying glass decorations because these fluffy animals constantly knock over the Christmas trees with everything on them.

Although if you are at home with your half or live with friends or neighbors, you can safely choose this attractive option. But first, let’s put all the pros and cons in a comparison.


 • Look great.

 • Add coziness and tradition to the holiday.

 • The tree looks like it is in an expensive Versace dress.

 • Can be purchased at any decor store.


 • The cost of crackle glass ornaments may surprise you unpleasantly.

 • Beats, breaks, cracks with any awkward movement.

 • Do not give it to children.

 • You cannot have a pet in the apartment.

A little about shatterproof hanging ornaments

Shatterproof things do not in vain acquire their fans and become competitors for glass balls. The fact is that they can be found in absolutely any shape, size, and color. Provided that the manufacturer has thought about quality, they can even be indistinguishable from real glass baubles. And their pluses are impressive, namely that they will allow parents to create their own magical Christmas together with tiny family members. On top of all that, the prices of plastic trinkets are not that upsetting because you can get a whole box of shatterproof ornaments instead of a few unfortunate glass marbles.

So let’s summarize the pros and cons for unbreakable elements.


 • The best product for its price.

 • Does not break so easily.

 • Longer retains its beautiful appearance.

 • Differs in a huge variety

 • Suitable for families with children and pets.


 • May not look as cool as glass.

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